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We work through EDI in a brave space, confronting the uncomfortable comfortably.

We offer toolkits, workshops, and webinars that develops your understanding of important concepts and terms, together with tools to take with you on your learning journey – all in a brave space. Brave spaces were created out of safe spaces, however it seeks to promote dialogue between all parties. The point is to learn from each other.

Workshops &

Workshops and webinars are one-on-one sessions or group sessions. They are per topic, an hour long, and totally virtual. They focus on unlearning and reframing diversity ideology in a practical and easy to understand way.

Topics include:
Anti-racism & anti-discrimination
Gender-based violence
Unpacking unconscious bias
Workplace diversity
Inclusive language
Gender diversity


Toolkits are a 30-page handbook to diversify your narrative, whether that is in the workplace or your online presence. It contains: an explanation of important terminology; communication; practical tips; and reading and resources

Available toolkits:
Influencer & social media diversity,
inclusion, & representation
Small business workplace diversity
Understanding anti-racism
Unconscious bias &

Bespoke consults & audits

Set up a consultation to work through EDI-related issues such as handling workplace discrimination and bias, advice about talking to children about the goings-on of the current climate of the world, and gender exploration.

Businesses and brands may need diversity audits, which are step-by-step evaluations of the business to help to make sustainable improvements to equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

We broke it down, we talked it through, asked so many questions! Would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to engage with ant-racism work, not just from a theoretical level of understanding it in-depth but from a practical level to reflect on your biases in a constructive and non-judgmental way.
Mayuri has some great packages that are affordable for individuals and groups.

Genevieve Putter

It was so enlightening, informative, and helpful! If you have been wondering how to incorporate more diversity into your business and want to tackle big topics in a safe space, I highly recommend getting Mayuri to guide you! I am so looking forward to my future webinars!

Keri Bainborough

Let’s do the work together.