Youth Day and Transformation

Today is Youth Day in South Africa. It is a name I don’t particularly agree with. Especially today. In 1976, black learners in Soweto took to the streets singing Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika (the then banned liberation hymn; our present adapted national anthem – yes this is part of why its offensive to defame it, it … Continue reading Youth Day and Transformation

Are you complicit?

Seeing these riots going on in the U.S, it triggers the mind as a South African. This is a constant in our world and it pains me to see that black people STILL and CONTINUOUSLY, on a GLOBAL LEVEL, continue to scream to be heard. Quiet, private conversation, posts, rallies – no one listens. People … Continue reading Are you complicit?


Our hidden parts are being unwrapped and we are unravelling. The powerful mind sits on its throne and orders us to act. We act without protection. No place to walk. No people to see. No distraction. No party. No smoke. It orders us to slowly open the parts we’ve made small; tucked away in the recesses. Fear takes … Continue reading Bleeding

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