Are you complicit?

Seeing these riots going on in the U.S, it triggers the mind as a South African. This is a constant in our world and it pains me to see that black people STILL and CONTINUOUSLY, on a GLOBAL LEVEL, continue to scream to be heard.

Quiet, private conversation, posts, rallies – no one listens. People continue to die and it takes mobilisation and outrage for anything to change.

This is my thing though – temporary outrage is disingenuous. You cannot become dehumanised to death. To injustice. To corruption. To privilege. To RACISM.

When I see those threads full of white people being more angry at being called out for their privilege than the poverty in our country, or using poverty to point out the failures of the current government like a counter-argument as opposed to the systemic and ordered oppression of Apartheid (and yes, we can discuss both), it infuriates me as much it infuriates me seeing black people fight for their lives some 60+ years of “freedom” later in America.

This looks like footage from the Apartheid. But it also looks like footage from recent times. #FeesMustFall sound familiar?

I’m so fucking tired of hashtags. What are we going to do?

I’ll tell you – stay outraged. Stay awake and be anti-racist AND anti-corruption. Being actively against what is inhumane, unjust, unfair with a broad outlook on SYSTEMIC ISSUES at ALL TIMES is what makes you an active citizen.

I remember being a little child and my parents never even wanted me to learn Afrikaans. They were pained by the oppression to the extent that to this day, my second language is isiZulu. We have streams of stories from our families who fought alongside black people – we need to do the same.

Here. And abroad.

I wonder how they got through it and it makes me angry for them having had to suffer through an era of true oppression. Legal oppression. And for what? For this abuse to continue?

It is SIMPLY UNACCEPTABLE to continue like this after all the past has taught us and after all the people who died for our rights right now.

And today, Karens and Roberts just run the internet and THE WORLD with no regard for the pain they’ve cause. We’re issued these robotic, measly apologies for getting caught. With streams of white tears.

And don’t get me wrong, I know Indian people have played their part in this ignoring of privilege.

Instead of fighting WITH black people now, for some played out reason, Indian people shut the fuck up at injustice, are completely apathetic, or continue to mistreat black people. Why? Because you think you’re better? Nah fam, don’t play yourself. We are no better. That’s the indoctrination speaking.

And for that, I am deeply sorry. I’m sorry for the pain some of my people continue to cause. But I have learnt to and continue to learn how to be better.

Black people don’t trust us because a lot of us act above them – I can’t think of a single Indian person who hasn’t heard someone use the “K word” or treat their helpers like slaves.

I have been outcasted for opening my mouth when I’ve called out this kind of mess in my own relations. But I would rather be treated like that than stand by and watch the trash talk happen in my presence. I WILL NOT BE COMPLICIT.

Are you being complicit?

I have never been treated like shit by a black person in my life and I’ve never, ever, EVER heard bias from the mouth of a black person without provocation. I have, however, heard deflation.

So when I see people flippantly minimising the experiences of black people, I can’t help the rage that fills my body.

You should be feeling the same. ON A GLOBAL LEVEL.

We can fight this fight together.

Rise up and stay outraged. Be an ally if you actually give a shit. Otherwise, you are simply part of the problem.

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