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Diversity, equality, and inclusion (EDI) solutions should be accessible to individuals for their conscious unlearning and relearning. BBS Consulting is committed to providing you with the tools to embrace EDI affordably.

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Your expression of grief is valid

I want to talk about this judgment we carry within us in the realm of grief. For some unknown reason, we really believe we are entitled to pass judgment on how someone grieves. This notion bothers me because I don’t understand why we feel we have any right to an opinion on anyone’s choices. (A…

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Youth Day and Transformation

Today is Youth Day in South Africa. It is a name I don’t particularly agree with. Especially today. In 1976, black learners in Soweto took to the streets singing Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika (the then banned liberation hymn; our present adapted national anthem – yes this is part of why its offensive to defame it, it…

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